Various jobs and projects that i’m working on. ;)

2 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Kim’s sewer line.

    In an effort to save my friends some money, i’m working on replacing their sewer line while they are away.


    Some one had cut a hole in the side of the vent pipe before Kim bought this place. I assume they did this because the sewer line had backed up many times before.


    This clean out will need to be replaced. Someone cut a hole in the PVC and then sandwiched the top half of the clean out over it. No glue used.



    PVC joined to ceramic.


    First ceramic to ceramic joint. Lots of roots had to be removed to see it. Seeing as each section of ceramic is about 3′ long and the last section of PVC was that length, i’m guessing that the previous owner was replacing one section at a time with each backup. :/


    It’s a coverup! Just to prevent someone from following in while i’m gone.


    I decided to replace all the old ceramic pipe. I’m told roots won’t penetrate PVC. So unless i hear better advice before i get to that point, PVC it is.


    Hmmm…. If this were the only blockage, it would explain why only a trickle flows past this clean out.



    O_o A solid piece of cement in the middle of where i’m going to lay the new line. Thought i’d dig it out and remove it. But it appears that to go down into rock below this point. Guess i’ll have to go to one side. ;)

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